Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Need by Carrie Jones

This is another Twilightish book. Yes I am officially addicted to young adult fiction novels in which i get to be in high school again and in love with super dreamy guys that actually know i exist. Its a win/win.

Alright. I enjoyed Need. Mostly. First I want to say that Jones writes like we (or me anyway) think. I really enjoyed that. As for the actual story it was pretty good.

The main character, Zara, has more than a weird name, she also has a super creepy guy following her around. This dude keeps popping up and disappearing. For some unknown reason Zara feels the need (hehe) to find out what he wants. Well guess what, its her. Yep super creepy dude wants Zara for something that which we don't figure out until the end. And super handsome dreamy guy is going to protect her from him. Only he's not so good at protecting.

Anyway, its a good story and an easy read. Caution though....you reach a point in the book when you really have to "believe" in some really out there stuff. By out there I mean just go with it and remember you're reading a young adult novel.


Ok, Need...  hmmm.... did I like this book??? Yes.  I did.  But I must tell you that when I was done, I actually laughed.  The intense, "scary" parts were actually comical if you think about it!  It goes from weird to weirder really quick.  No one is who they pretend to be, the whole darn town is mythical creatures.  And odd ones at that. (Pixies, anyone? and not Tinkerbell!)

But why do we read fiction books anyway?  To escape reality for just a bit in our imaginations.  So this one definitely afforded us that luxury.  You are nowhere near reality!  It didnt take long at all to read and was fun while it lasted.  

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